British Business Professional Skills Development (BBPSD) is a British based company who have over 25 years of expertise and knowledge in education and training, both in the UK and the Middle East.  We offer flexible, on-demand training solutions across the globe and are also able to offer bespoke training for our clients on request.

Through dedicated and authorised training centres, we deliver a wide range of business courses that upon successful completion of which, students are awarded recognised Diplomas, Certificates or Awards, accredited by our partner “the Association of British Practitioners” (ABP). These courses are written by leading business professionals who have solid practical experience and are academically qualified.

Our International client base comprises of educators, government bodies, regional authorities and employers from a vast range of industry sectors who seek the aptitude, knowledge and proficiency to enhance the development of their employees and students to the highest standard.

In partnership with the Association of Business Practitioners

BBPSD, in partnership with the Association of Business Practitioners (ABP), offer professionally accredited business courses.  ABP is a UK awarding body which possesses expertise in developing and accrediting qualifications of different sizes and levels relevant to a wide range of industry sectors.

ABP enjoys a close relationship with The Association of Business Executives (ABE), an awarding body established in 1973, operating in over 70 countries and fully recognised by the UK regulatory authorities for qualifications.

In partnership with Pearson VUE

BBPSD, in partnership with Pearson VUE, offer students professional, secure online test delivery.  Pearson VUE is the global leader in computer-based testing, offering exams through one of the world’s largest network of test centres in over 165 countries.

For Further information on Pearson VUE and the online test delivery of our awards, please use the following link:

ABP Testing with Pearson VUE